Laser Surgery

Doctor Abdulhak, At eighty-five years of age, I was apprehensive about a new ophthalmologist. I found you to be very patient, kind and thorough. You explained laser surgery so I understood everything, and you removed a cyst from my left eye that had been there over 30 years. Other doctors never noticed or mentioned it. The laser surgery left me with greatly improved eyesight and now will have a cataract removed in my left eye. On my last office visit, there were many patients in the office. Also, you had had a couple of emergencies. However, you took your time to explain everything and were very thorough. Your kindness and brilliance are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, H F



Dear Dr. Abdulhak, I am writing to tell you that you did a wonderful job at removing the cataracts off of both my eyes. I was nervous about the procedure, but you just explained everything to me, answered all my question and made me feel very at ease. You are a very gentle and caring man to your patients. You also gave me your cell phone number if I had any more questions. I felt so comfortable that I could contact you at any time if I had a question or a problem after my surgery. You are a truly a gifted ophthalmologist and I have highly recommended you to my friends and family. I am also very impressed with the women who take care of all the details in your office. They are so nice and helpful. They also treat the patients with so much respect and they greet you by name when you come in. They took care of all the details for my operations, gave me my instructions for before and after surgery and even had my post-op appointments scheduled. Your office is well run and I appreciate all you have done to improve my sight. Your patient forever, RS

Poem by PD

Cataract Surgery

Munzer Abdulhak MD did my cataract surgery, with fading eyesight life was a drudgery Becoming blind was not much fun, I had to get something done. I went to see Dr. Abdulhak, best surgeon in town, his keenness, knowledge, and skill turned my life around. If you want your sight, make an appointment soon, he'll have your eyesight back in tune. I'm grateful what he did for me, he's a specialist, always will be! PD


Cornea Surgery

Dear Dr. Abdulhak, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your willingness to treat me last Friday for a cornea scratch, and then to see me again Saturday morning! And my thanks to those who run your front desk for assisting me so readily and willingly when I just "showed up" at your door at 8 a.m. on Friday morning. Being from out of town, I was at a loss for what to do. What amazing care your office provided! I was not turned away because I had no appointment or was not one of your patients. True patient care – a service that is hard to come by from doctors these days. What a tribute to your service and I hope a vision of your future – that your practice grows and prospers as you maintain such care and concern for your customers. I wish you all the best. And thank you again, so very much. Sincerely, C.S.